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Q: How do I contact TCS Casting?

A: You can contact River Red by emailing us at:

Q: Can I submit myself for multiple characters within one project?

A: Yes! You may submit to as many characters you feel fit your profile.

Q: Can I submit a friend or family member to a project?

A: Yes! You may submit whomever you like...or they can submit themselves.

Q: What is the process for scheduling auditions with TCS?

A: Once you submit to a project, you will be contacted (if you are selected to audition for a specific role) via email or phone and we will provide you with detailed instructions for your audition appointment (i.e., time, place, etc.)...we will also provide you with Sides for your audition (if applicable).

Q: I would like to schedule a personal audition just so you can see me in can I do that?

A: We are currently in the process of adding that opportunity for Actors. This will likely require a fee as we will have to book a space to accommodate a personal audition.

Q: I am a Producer looking to hire a casting company for a can I get in touch with TCS?

A: Producers and Directors may email us at with 'PROJECT HIRE' in the subject line and we would be pleased to connect with you!

We get it...done!

Film Student

Mission Statement

Any actor who has worked with us can tell you....we are all about our

actors! Whether you're a Principal or an Extra, you should be treated 

like a HUMAN BEING. No one on a set should treat you like you are 

beneath them. 

We will defend our actors for mistreatment just as fast as we will hold our actors accountable for any misbehavior.


Our goal is to make sure everyone is comfortable making movie magic. 

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